Family Group Sheet

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                             Family Group Sheet
born:      1758                        place: 
marr:     December 13, 1782     place: Goodchland, Virginia
died:      1812                 place: Spotsylvania Co Virginia
buried:                         place: 
Parents: Father -Joseph Carter 
            Mother- Judith Chastain
born:       1761                 place: 
died:  abt. 1837                place: Spotsylvania, Virginia
buried:                         place: 
Parents: Father- John Partlow B-1706
            Mother- Sarah Tapping B-1710
#1     LANDON "SAMUEL" CARTER (I)           (age abt 61)
born:    between 1780-90        place: 
marr:    abt: 1802              place: 
died:   April 27, 1842          place: Pendleton Co. Kentucky
buried:                         place: 
children:    1. MARY CARTER
             2. SARAH CARTER
             3. LUCY CARTER
             4. LEWIS CARTER
             5. GARNETT CARTER
             6. URSULA ANN CARTER
             7. ELIJAH CARTER
             8. ELIZ CARTER
             9. LANDON S. CARTER (II)
            10. OBEDIAH T. CARTER
born:  December 13, 1782        place: Virginia
marr:  September 12, 1811       place: Orange CO. Virginia
died:  abt.1854                 place: Logan Co. Ohio
buried:                         place: 
spouse:  1. Elizabeth Daniel married on 12 Sept 1811 in Orange Co. Virginia
         2. Louisa Murphy married on December 12, 1816 in Spotsylvania Co. Virginia
            she was born abt: 1800
children:   1. John H. Carter b. abt 1818 in Virginia
            2. Amanda A.E. Carter b. abt 1822 in Virginia
               married James Keith on October 29, 1844 in Logan Co. Ohio
               next married Oliphant Miller (b. abt.1823)
born:   June 9, 1784            place: Virginia
marr:                           place: 
died:                           place: 
buried:                         place: 
           3. Kemp Goodloe Carter b.Oct.9, 1807 Spots.VA d. Aug. 25,1881 Logan Co.OH 
                   (SON OF EITHER LANDON OR GEORGE W.)
                    + Nancy Ann Cooper b. Apr.1,1822 Fayette Co.,OH d. 1885 Logan Co.OH m Aug. 7, 1838
                       4. Mary Louisa Littlepage Carter b.Aug.14,1839 Logan Co. OH d.
                           + James David Herren b. 1834
                       4. Charlotte Elizabeth Randolf Carter b.Feb.28,1841 Logan Co.OH d.
                           + David B. Kerr b. 1838   m.Sept.16, 1864
                              5. Orville S. Kerr
                              5. Infant daughter
                       4. George Washington Carter b.July 2, 1843 d. 
                           + Margarette Elizabeth Pugh b.     d.       m. Apr. 25, 1867
                              5. Kemp G. Carter b. 1871 d. 1876
                              5. John H. Carter b. 1874
                              5. George Landon Carter b. 1878 d. 1880
                              5. Laura Carter b. 1880 d. 1881
                              5. Ernest Carter
                              5. Ross M. Carter b. 1887
                       4. Sarah Jane Carter b. Mar.19, 1845 d. 1911
                           + Robert F. Lament         m. 1865
                              5. Ada
                              5. Arthur
                              5. Kemp
                              5.  F   Mrs. Wade Gould
                              5. Robert
                              5. Homer
                              5. Ethel
                       4. Ann Eliza Carter b. Apr.14, 1847 d. Aug.16, 1857
                       4. Allison Carter b. Sept.13, 1849 d.same day
                       4. Juliaette E. Carter b. Nov.7,1850 d. Jan.16,1926 Jefferson City, MO 
                          + Arthur P. Grimshaw b. 1850 d. Apr.25, 1914 Jefferson City, MO m. Sept.2, 1870
                            5. Kemp G. Grimshaw b. 1872  d. Aug.4, 1921 Jefferson City, MO
                            5. Arthur Perry Grimshaw b. 1878
                       4. Lewis Burwell Carter b. Mar.3, 1853 d. Oct.16, 1872
                       4. Alice Luella Carter b. May 5, 1859 d. 
                          + Luther Reames b. 1853      m. Dec. 3, 1874
                       4. Frank Elmore Carter b. Nov.10, 1856 d. Mar.31, 1934 Logan Co.,OH
                          + Mary Etta Whisner b. Sept.2, 1864 d. Sept.1, 1940  m. June 9, 1884 Hardin Co.,OH
                            5. Lewis Burl Carter  b. 1885  d. Aug.7, 1891
                            5. Harry Ray Carter b. May 28, 1890 d. Oct.31, 1946 Logan Co, OH
                            5. Ira Irven Carter b. May 28, 1890 d. 
                            5. Ralph Lewis Carter b. Jan 29, 1893 d. Aug.28, 1904
                            5. Lena Fern Carter b. July 16, 1905 d. Mar.5, 1934
                            5. Kemp Goodloe Carter II b. July 29, 1887 d. Mar.29,1969 Logan 
                              + Ollie Willoby b.Nov.16, 1889  d. June 6,1994  m.Sept.16, 1911                 
                                6. Infant daughter
                                6. Ralph Lebert Carter b. July 17, 1913
                                  + Gertrude Lucile Fout b. Aug. 12, 1916 d. Sept. 23, 2005   m. Dec. 18, 1937
                                    7. Kay Christine Carter
                                    7. Carol Diane Carter
                                    7. Karen Gayle Carter
                                    7. Nancy Ann Carter
                                    7. Ralph Nicholas Carter
                                    7. Kemp Goodloe Carter III
                                    7. Tamara Jane Carter
                                 6. Alice Lucile Carter 
                                    + Donald L. Miller
                                    7. Terry Lee Miller

#4    Landon Carter
born:                           place: VIRGINIA
marr:                           place: 
died:                           place: 
buried:                         place: 
born:                           place: VIRGINIA
marr:  October 13, 1813         place: Orange Co. Virginia
died:                           place: 
buried:                         place: 
born:    1794                       place: VIRGINIA
marr:                           place: 
died:                           place: 
buried:                         place: 
born:                           place: VIRGINIA
marr:                           place: 
died:                           place: 
buried:                         place: 
born:                           place: VIRGINIA
marr:                           place: 
died:                           place: 
buried:                         place: 
Proof of Our Elijah:
Deed Bk.Q Spots.VA p.415 Deed of Gift Oct.8,1796
Joseph Carter of the county of Spotsylvania, Virigina for and in consideration 
of the love, goodwill and affection which I have and do bear towards my loving 
son Elijah Carter of the county aforesaid have given and granted these 
presents, do freelly give and grant unto the said Elijah Carter his heirs
all and singular my whole estate (that is to say) two negroes one by the name of
Jack the other by the name of Dinah also one still together with my household 
goods and chattels the same being now in his possession absolutely without any
manner of condition. Witness: Joseph Carter,Jr., David Partlow, John Partlow

Deed Bk.B,p.342 Feb.3,1800 Spots. Co.
Edmond Herndon and wife Eliz. of Spots. selling to Elijah Carter a parcel of 
land in Berkley Parish 227 acres by Francis Colemans to Lowyers old road to 
Thomas Brightwells and Plentiful Run. Also by Robt. Gaines property. No witness

Deed Bk.Q,p.357 Spots.Co. Dec.3,1803
Elijah Carter purchased 200 acres of Richard Brightwell, Wm.Brightwell and Martha
his wife, Thomas Brightwell and Jemima his wife, Absalem Brightwell and Winfred 
his wife, Richard Johnson and Elizabeth his wife and Molly Brightwell legatees of
Thomas Brightwell,decd. near Mary Brightwells dower line near the north side of 
Gibson Jenkins mill pond on Plentiful run and along Lawyers old road. Signed in 
the presence of: Benj. Robinson, Samuel Sale, John Davis, Samuel Carter, 
Gibson Jenkins, James M. Bell.

Deed Bk.Q,p.395 Spots.Co. June 1,1804 (Indenture)
Elijah Carter selling in an indenture of trust land purchased from Thomas 
Brightwell,decd. legatees John Chevis? and Benj. Robinson buying.
Witness: James M.Bell, John Davis, Gibson Jenkins

Deed Bk.Q,p.376 Spots.Co. July 31,1804
Elijah Carter selling 73 acres to Henry Tandy along Beverly Run.
Witness: Thomas Coleman, Roger Tandy

Deed Bk.R,p.511 Spots Co.,June1,180?
Elijah Carter and Ursley his wife selling 56 3/4 acres in Spots.Co. on the 
west side of Old Lawyers Road to Wm. Brightwell.
Witness: John Lipscomb, Anthony Arnote, Peter Hicks, George Boxley.

Deed Bk.Q,p.378 Spots.Co. Aug. 25,1804
Elijah Caarter and wife Ursula sell 74 acres to Obediah Terry. Land by 
Joseph Williams and John Pettis.
Witness: H. Hawkins, Benj.Robinson, Herndon.

Deed Bk.S p.116-118 Spots.Co. Mar.28,1810
Elijah Carter and Ursula his wife selling 8 acres next to where he now 
lives and by Obediah Terry and east of Lawyers Road. Selling to Robert Gaines.
Witness: John Chevis, Obediah Terry, Richard Brightwell, George Carter, 
James Coleman, Richard Jenkins.

Will Bk.H p.157 Spots Co. June 1,1812
Bond for administration of estate of Elijah Carter deceased.
Ursula Carter, Gibson Jenkins and John P. Corthorn held bound unto 
Thomas Minor, Samuel Sale, Benj. Waller, Waller Holladay, James M. Bell,
John Lipscomb, Brodie S. Hull.(Justices)

Will Bk.H p.198 Spots.Co. Oct 6,1812
Inventory of Elijah Caarter's estate. In it are listed one negro man Jack,
1 negro woman Diannah etc.
Verified by: Benj. Robinson, R.S. Coleman, Obediah Terry.

Will Bk.I,p.114 1816 Spots.Co.
Held in bond for obligations of George Carter, decd. are Adcock Carter and 
Obediah Terry.

Deed Bk.V,p.224 Spots.Co. April 8,1817
Joseph Carter appointing attorney Emannuel Head to take care of his affairs 
while he was in the U.S. Infantry .  He enlisted as clerk in Capt. 
Benj.MacKenney's 35th regement the 19th of June 1814 and discharged the 15th
day of March 1815.

Deed Bk.27,p.186 Orange Co.VA June 21,1817
Samuel Carter of Orange giving up property in trust to Sally Terry of Spots.
Wm. Terry appointed to cover debt if not paid.
Witness: Wm.S.Jenkins, Richard Jenkins.

Deed Bk.V,p.412 Spots.Co. June2,1819
Adcock Carter and Louisa his wife sell his parcel of land allocated in the
division of Elijah Carter's estate to Benjamin Carter.

Deed Bk.X,p.43 Spots.Co., 1821
Benjamin Carter and Mary R. his wife selling 51 acres to John P. Corthorn. 
Lot #6 lying on Jones Creek bordered by Ursley Carters dower on the west
by John P. Corthorns by Jos. Carters and Gibson Jenkins on the east by 
Mary Brightwells.

Deed Bk.Y,p.140 Spots.Co. Feb.24, 1823.
Joseph Carter of the city of Richmond selling to Benjamin Jenkins certain 
land called #8 lying on Plentiful creek (35 acres) bounded on the south
and east by Gibson Jenkins, on north and west by John P. Corthorn being
part of the tract of land of the estate of Elijah Carter.
Witness: ? Burress, Landon Carter, John Gage.

Deed Bk.AA,p.169 Spots.Co. Mar.11,1826
Landon Carter of Richmond selling a certain parcel of land (lot #3) and in
the possission of Ursula Carter his mother bounded by the lands of Cawthon
and others part of Elijah Carters land - selling to Benj. Carter. Verified
from the city of Richmond.

Deed Bk.BB.p.387 Spots.Co. Nov.5,1827
Adcock Carter selling his interest in the dower of Ursula Carter to 
Benjamin Carter.

Deed Bk.DD,p.164 Spots.Co. Oct.24, 1831
John P. Corthorn and Elizabeth his wife selling their share of the dower
of Ursula Carter to Benjamin Carter.

Deed Bk.GG.p.25 Spots.Co. 1836
William S. Jenkins and Ann Jenkins formerly Ann Carter now of Boone Co.KY
and one of the heirs of Elijah Carter of Spots and that part of land which
was her mother's dower, claiming an eighth part and on which Benjamin 
Carter now resides - selling to Benj. Carter.

Deed Bk.GG,p.86 Spots.Co. Aug.24,1836
Joseph Carter of the County of Logan in Ohio selling his individual interest 
in and to his mother's dower situated on Plentiful and adjoining the land of
John Monday and others. Selling to Benj. Carter.
Witness: Adcocke Carter, John H. Carter

Deed Bk.GG,p.413 Spots.Co. Sept.14, 1837
Benjamin Carter and Hulda his wife selling 153 1/2 acres to Thomas Brightwell. 
All the land acquired except George Carters individual interest of his mother's 
,Ursley Carters decd., dower. Land bordering on estate of Richard Brightwells,
decd to the east, west by Lawyers road and adjoining Thomas Brightwells on north 
and south. We the Carter Family believe Benjamin was selling his land from MO.

Deed Bk.HH,p.127 Spots.Co. Dec.19,1838
George W. Carter of the County of Ross,OH selling his portion Lot #2 in the 
division of the land of his father Elijah Carter and also the individual 
interest in the dower of his mother Ursley Carter decd. to Thomas Brightwell.


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